How to use the computer in the right sitting position (Reprinted)

You! You are the one! Don't turn your head, it's talking about you!

As a person who often reads blog, you must often sit in front of the computer, right?

Maybe it's not only surfing the Internet, but also typing reports, reports and video games. It takes a long time to stick in front of the computer every day. Isn't sitting posture all like this?

Hunchback, body forward, the neck is not under the head, but behind, shoulders towering and bending forward, and even feet.

Even if you don't eat a lot, if you sit like this every day, you will accumulate fat in the wrong place. When you find out, you will find that your stomach is big, your shoulders are thick, your body is sore, and your chest is sagging!

Why is this?

Causes of neck skin laxity and shoulder hypertrophy and stiffness

Often write with the head down, or bend forward, and if the neck does not support the head well, the attachment points of muscles will also run away.

At this time, lack of movement and elasticity of the neck easy skin relaxation, appear double chin, two gills line fuzzy, chin to neck seems to be connected together!

Normally, the bones of our neck are arranged in such a way that the spacing is almost the same, and the back of the neck should also be smooth.

But when the sitting posture is not correct, because the muscle is lengthened for a long time, the bone spacing will also be widened, but it is not easy to correct.

If the posture is not correct, when the neck is tilted back, deep neck lines will appear behind the neck, and fat will accumulate at the junction of neck and shoulder, resulting in a large meat mass.

Feel your back neck, your neck is squeezed out of a row of wrinkles? Or the lower back neck bulge? Or is the muscle stiff at the joint between the back neck and the shoulder?

If the shoulder is arched, the back neck muscles will be squeezed; if the computer stares for a long time, the head will unconsciously move forward, and the chin will pull forward, and the back neck muscle will be compressed again.

Stiff neck muscles can block the flow of blood to the head, head oxygen deficiency, will be drowsy. Sometimes also can affect the night's sleep, the back neck muscle is too tense, the body will not be easy to relax.

Buckle your shoulders and give you a thick back and sagging chest

Buttoning the shoulder means that the whole shoulder is bent forward, the shoulder width will be narrowed, and the head will lie forward, which will cause the chest to be squeezed, and the chest muscles will be compressed for a long time. If he does not have the flexibility to move, the chest can not be pulled up, so that the chest will droop!

In addition, hunchback can also make fat accumulation in the wrong place, which is also caused by long-term stretching and no elasticity, which makes it look like a tiger's back.

Improper sitting posture leads to abdominal swimming circle

When sitting, the body is bent, the stomach is just squeezed, the fat has been piled up in the past, the swimming circle will be bigger and bigger!

So let's take a look at the overall consequences of poor sitting

Body forward, head forward, as a result of jaw relaxation, the back of the neck fat accumulation and stiffness.

Then the back bulges and the stomach gets bigger and bigger.

Because the chest is compressed for a long time, the pectoralis muscle loses the pulling strength and sags.

Say! Are you like that?

Turn yourself in. That's how I look~~~~~~

The neck bone distance has been widened, the shoulders are super hard, the back is thick, and the stomach is Q__ Q

If this problem is not improved, even if you eat less and exercise, the fat will still pile up in the best place!!

How can it be improved?

Start by improving your sitting posture

Generally, I will lie forward because the keyboard is too far away.

If the desk you are using is not a computer desk, the keyboard is usually placed directly on the desk. If the table is not big enough to put the keyboard and the document on the same side, it will usually be put back and forth - the keyboard should be placed far away from you, and the document should be placed close to you. When typing, your hand will have to go over the document and stretch to type. It's hard to avoid stretching your hands and lying forward.

If the keyboard can be placed closer to yourself, so that the hands do not need to move forward, as long as the straight down can be touched, so that you can keep the chest upright and type!

If your desk is really small, and you want to read documents and type, you have to lean forward. But when you don't need to read documents, put the keyboard close to you and try to find a chance to hold your chest.

And then there's going to be some exercise to relax your shoulders and neck

Before the action is more back, but has been back is not enough, but also do some forward bending action, before and after must be compressed and stretched to, can really relax.

Push your head forward as far as you can with your head, and then push your head as close as you can with your head and knees, without bending your head back.

When you're stable, leave your hands off the floor, pull your legs, and try to feel the neck and shoulders lengthened, instead of using your head on the floor. It doesn't matter that your hips can be raised high. (do it slowly when you do it...)

So, just sitting in the wrong position will make you lose shape. You will have a big back and a big butt.

No wonder some people have slender limbs, but some parts are very swollen, are caused by bad habits!